6 tips to get started with Slite

November 27, 2017

So you signed into Slite and created your organization. Now what? 🤔

Here are 6 simple and useful tips to setting up Slite in the best way possible for your team:


Tip #1: Setting up channels the Slite way


The best part about Slite is how accessible content is thanks to the channels sidebar. The hardest part is mapping out how to organize all your team's content in a scalable way. So here are some best practices we swear by to speed up the process:


One channel, one purpose


  • ✅ Every channel you create should have a purpose according to topic, project or team
  • 🚫 Don't sort channels according to clients...


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 16.22.43



Stock vs. Flow


  • ✅ Use private channels for collaborating on content with specific team members, use public channels for stock (processes, how tos...) that the entire team needs to access
  • 🚫 Don't mix flow and stock information in one channel


Tip #2: Stay synthetic (note style, editor helps, shortcuts)


Because Slite is a note taking app, it lets teams create synthetic and standardized content. The editor is minimalist and has everything you need while letting you create rich content by adding images, files, links etc. 


  • ✅ Use your personal channel to draft notes and share the clean version with the team
  • ✅ Come up with standard rules for how to write notes as a team
  • ✅ Use private channels for collaborating on content with specific team members, use public channels for stock (processes, how tos...) that the entire team needs to access



Tip #3: Use collections


Collections give you an extra level of organization and are an easy way to organize notes within a channel. Don't forget to make use of them!


  • ✅ It's okay if a note belongs to two or more collections, it won't be duplicated
  • 🚫 Don't use collections as tags, you'll accumulate too many


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 16.54.34



Tip #4: Use templates


Slite's a great place for repeated formatted content that your entire team needs to produce (meeting note agendas, newsletters...). To make it more efficient, you can create templates and pin them to the top of your appropriate channels. Check templates out here!



Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 17.40.23


Tip #5: Sharing notes 


It's one thing to create notes and organize them, but sometimes you want your team members to check out what you've been working on.


  • ✅ Ping your team members on notes to get them to check out your work
  • ✅ Share notes in Slack channels
  • ✅ Use the external link to share your work with people outside of your Slite organization
  • 🚫 Don't ever ask or look for information via email, Slack, or drive again



Tip #6: Connect your content


The idea of Slite is to share and enrich all the knowledge your team produces daily. Slite lets you build a web of your team's work, take full advantage of it! Use @+title of the note to connect notes to each other.


Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 17.24.29



Alright, now go crazy and share all your knowledge with your team ✨


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