3 reasons your team should be writing things down

January 19, 2018

It's time to talk about the most underrated best practice to implement in your team: writing things down. Sounds so simple yet it takes the right tool and the right workflow to encourage your team members to write things down and share what they write with the rest of the team. But here's why it's worth it:

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How marketing teams use Slite

January 7, 2018

As marketeers, your job is wide ranging from bringing awareness, communicating your brand's message to attracting the most qualified leads. As a team, you produce a lot of content and put in place clear processes for the rest of your team.

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How product teams use Slite

January 5, 2018

As a product manager you have the fascinating responsibility to craft the product which bring the right solution to customers' issue. Creating this outstanding product requires a lot of collaboration around a considerable number of different topics. You generate a lot of knowledge that deserves to be shared and accessible.

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The case for asynchronous collaboration

January 4, 2018
There's a hype around collaboration tools: not only when it comes to building the best one but also getting your team to use the best one.  There are so many yet still so much inefficiency. This is especially true in the startup ecosystem and in SMBs where it's not so difficult to change tools so you're constantly bombarded with many new options.
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Do your employees a favor: rock their onboarding

December 5, 2017

Google "employee onboarding best practices" or "employee onboarding checklist" and you'll find a bunch of listicles detailing the importance of onboarding new employees for the company's sake. If you fail, the company risks high turnovers and inefficiency. Even worst: it'll lose precious time & money. Bottom line: failing at onboarding new employees has a huge impact on your company's results and reputation.

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