How HR teams use Slite

January 5, 2018

Your team's most important asset is your team: each team member brings his/her skills, motivation and personality to the table. Your role in HR is to ensure all these assets contribute directly & efficiently to your company's success across teams.


How can Slite help you achieve this?


  • HR Playbook

Build & share your overall HR playbook to design the future of the team and to manage company culture. When your team is scaling, Slite can help you shape

    • 📝 Your overall strategy: policies and processes
    • ✅  Your action plans


  • Recruiting

Craft your job offers easily & collaboratively. Get your team involved to keep the hiring process transparent and efficient. Slite is a great place to


  • Talent Management

Follow up with your talents with standard templates for jotting down observations and meeting notes.


  • Internal Promotion

Promoting the core values of your team is a crucial part of your job. Slite is a good place to create material to communicate with your team.


  • Weekly agenda

Share a weekly agenda to keep your team on the same page. Assess the coming week's objectives and highlight the most important topics! Use Slite notes for:

  • Legal

It's part of life so let's make it simpler! Keep an easy access to your administrative documents:

    • 📚 Keep contract templates in one place via attachments in notes


One last thing: if you're using Slite with other teams, keep all HR material in one channel. If you are using with just your HR team, create several channels according to different use cases.


🤗 Pitch in: we'd love to hear how you're using Slite as HR teams!


We've made it easy for you: check Slite Shapes to pick up some templates  

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