How product teams use Slite

January 5, 2018

As a product manager you have the fascinating responsibility to craft the product which bring the right solution to customers' issue. Creating this outstanding product requires a lot of collaboration around a considerable number of different topics. You generate a lot of knowledge that deserves to be shared and accessible.


With Slite, everyone in the team can quickly access best practices & patterns, feature specs, competitors analysis, outcome of the workshops and brainstorming sessions, meeting notes etc. By facilitating collaboration, you can spend less time getting the team aligned and more crafting the product that people love.


  • Team playbook

Ensure your team is using the best processes and patterns to perform. Help yourself by giving your team a place where all processes and how to's will be accessible.

✏️ How to write feature specs

📈 How to measure feature engagement

💡 How to propose a product idea


  • Roadmaps

You're building the long term vision: teams need to know the direction the product will take and they might also want to give their two cents on prioritization.

🚂 Public roadmap, internal product roadmap


  • Product Specs

Nail down collaborative work to achieve the best results and build products that people love.

📝Template specs
✅ Product requirement docs

👥 User stories

  • User Interviews

To build the right product for users, it's crucial to spend time with users and better understand how they use your product and why they request specific features.

💬 User Interview Templates


  • Meeting notes

Meetings are a big part of your time. You deal with new challenges and takeaways on a weekly basis. It's important to have once place to centralize them.

📆 Sprint planning templates
📝 Team stand ups


  • Ideas

Innovation can come from anywhere, create a space for anyone in your team to come up with ideas and contribute to the vision of your product. Two heads are better than one.


One last thing: if you're using Slite with other teams, keep all HR material in one channel. If you are using with just your HR team, create several channels according to different use cases.


🤗 Pitch in: we'd love to hear how you're using Slite as product teams!


We've made it easy for you: check Slite Shapes to pick up some templates  

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