How sales teams use Slite

January 5, 2018

Slite is built to help sales and in many ways it's shaped by them! To perform and drive growth, your sales team needs easy access to information and a seamless way to collaborate on processes.


Here are some tips & use cases on how Slite can help you get the best out of your sales team.


  • Playbook 

Your team rocks: write and share all your best practices to prove it! Include processes, how to's, documentation,.. and let your team contribute.

📌 How to's: How to sell xxx, How we differ from competitors, How to manage objections, How to use the CRM


  • Strategy 

Share notes with your strategies and objectives to give your team a direction.

🚂 Roadmaps
🎯 Objectives


  • Script & template 

Let your team work on sales scripts and templates so that they're continually improved.

📝 Discovery call templates

📚 Product demo scripts


  • Onboarding 

Create notes with everything your new hires need to know when it comes to joining the Sales team (playbook, script...). Use checkboxes to track the onboarding progress and encourage your new employees to give their two cents on the process.

👋 Onboarding note


  • Weekly Meeting 💬

You grow and deal with new challenges week on week. Keep track of this progress and keep your team aligned with the same objectives by sharing and writing meeting notes together.

📆  Weekly Agendas 


  • Training 💪

Use Slite notes to share useful resources & help your team improve their skills.

📚 Resources (articles, videos, slideshares...)


One last thing: if you're using Slite with other teams, keep all Sales material in one channel. If you are using with just your Sales team, create several channels according to different use cases.


🤗  Pitch in: we'd love to hear how you're using Slite with your sales team!


We've made it easy for you: check Slite Shapes to pick up some templates  

Discover templates

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