How marketing teams use Slite

January 7, 2018

As marketeers, your job is wide ranging from bringing awareness, communicating your brand's message to attracting the most qualified leads. As a team, you produce a lot of content and put in place clear processes for the rest of your team.


Team Playbook

Ensure your team is using the best processes and patterns to perform. Make it more efficient for everyone by making all processes and how to's accessible to your team.

📚 Marketing playbook (Branding guidelines, Strategy,...)
👋 Employee onboarding


  • Campaign

Write out your campaign plan and once it's done, collect takeaways to continually improve your way of working.

📌 Campaign template
✏️ Campaign takeaways


  • Content

Craft your articles by letting the team jump in to contribute and give their two cents.

✍️ Content strategy
📚 Articles draft



Map and determine what you are expecting from this parntership and how you will run it. Follow up on partnership roadmap, actions to be done, people involved

🤝  PartnerShip Roadmap


  • Weekly meetings

Week on week you're growing and dealing with new questions & challenge. Keep track of them and get the team on the same page.

📆 Weekly agenda templates


One last thing: if you're using Slite with other teams, keep all marketing material in one channel. If you are using it with just your marketing team, create several channels according to different use cases.


🤗  Pitch in: we'd love to hear how you're using Slite with your sales team!


We've made it easy for you: check out Slite templates made just for you


 Discover templates


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