How Pumpkin makes the most out of Slite

January 3, 2018

Pumpkin is a mobile app which lets friends easily pay each other back. They use Slite as one place to build and share best practices, weekly meetings and processes. 


We talked with the app's co-founder, Hugo, to further understand how Slite has benefited his team's workflow and encouraged better knowledge management at Pumpkin.


What brought your team to Slite?


At Pumpkin, we worked on Google Doc, Confluence and Trello so information was spread over different tools and a bit all over the place. We mostly used Google Doc to collaborate but it was hard to follow who had access to what and what was going on.


We were looking for a tool to make our teamwork more collaborative and efficient when we came across Slite. We adopted it progressively and quickly realized how it could us help us to solve our knowledge and information sharing issues. No more lost knowledge or collaboration notes, our information is always easy to store and find.


How does your team use Slite?


We're using Slite to build and share processes, weekly reports and meetings, HR management, marketing, employee onboarding and finance. I also use it for my work related note-taking.


Slite has changed the way we work. The team creates, shares and contributes more than ever. It hit me when I started to receive some suggestions on ongoing documents. Because it's easy and accessible and you see what's new, the team does it naturally. (And because we know it's more likely to be read, the information is more standardized and clean.)


How is Slite helping your team?


We are now gathering the most important information all in one place. Slite helps me understand what's going on right now and helps my team's work stay transparent.


It's given them a place where they can contribute to topics other than their own jobs. It's literally keeping the team on the same page: previously on Google Doc, no one came to check what work others were up to. We also avoid losing valuable insights in our Slack history.


Suprisingly, Slite created new habits for our team and we're eager for what's coming next!



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Hugo Sallé de Chou, Co-Founder Pumpkin


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