How tech teams use Slite

January 4, 2018

This use case is among the first we wrote. That's cause we noticed Slite is particularly used by engineering teams and that's awesomeπŸ‘Œ. So, we asked our early adopters to tell us a bit more about how they've been using Slite.


Here's a list of interesting use cases to make the most out of your tech teams:


  • Processes and worflows

As your team grows, you need to implement processes to stay productive in your workflow and to make it easier for everyone.
βœ… How to perform QAs
πŸ›  How to ship a feature


  • Technical Specs

Jot down your technical specs in Slite so they're always easy to access. Use code blocks with syntax highlighting and snippets to share precious piece of code.


  • Employee onboarding

Onboarding a new hire is a critical moment in tech teams. Give them quick access to crucial information such as ongoing projects, current challenges...any information that'll help them ship early and in the best conditions!

πŸ“ Cheatsheets


  • Training

As a developer, you're constantly learning new skills. Things move quickly and it's crucial for teams to stay on the same page. Get your teammates to share different learnings to benefit the rest of the team.


  • Retro meeting, Postmortems

Make running your retro meetings easy and collaborative so that your team can share takeaways.

πŸ“† Retro meeting template

Release notes

Write release notes and share them with the rest of your team so that everyone's on the same page. You can use the public share or share your notes to Slack. Sales and customer success teams will bend the knee to thank you!

πŸš€ Release note templates


  • Collaboration on blog articles

Share your last learnings to the tech community and enjoy some awareness to attract the best talent!


  • Brainstorm on hot topics

Anticipate the next technical challenges and how the stack will evolve.


  • Seamless collaboration with other teams

Check out the latest product specs and design decisions. Comment on what's not clear enough and get the ball rolling!


One last thing: if you're using Slite with other teams, keep all HR material in one channel. If you are using with just your HR team, create several channels according to different use cases.


πŸ€— Pitch in: we'd love to hear how you're using Slite as a tech team!


We've made it easy for you: check Slite Shapes to pick up some templates  


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