Why Zenchef's Customer Success team switched to Slite

December 11, 2017

Zenchef is a reservation system and an all-in-one marketing platform for restaurants. We had a quick chat with Valentin, Head of Customer Success, to understand how their team uses Slite.

He told us how his team put Slite in place to handle all Customer Success processes and best practices. He also explained how the other teams at Zenchef followed their lead and joined them on Slite.


What problem brought your team to Slite?


We were looking for a more transparent way to share information between and within each team. For our content and our knowledge, we were using Google Doc but it made it complicated to share information. Most of the time, documents were not updated because they were hard to access, making the information less actionable. 


How did you try to answer this problem?


We also tried Google Site but it required too many responsibilities because we didn't have anyone in charge of it full time at Zenchef

We know knowledge sharing is primordial but it takes time to set up and, at the end of the day, you never do it..


We discovered Slite and it felt like a good fit: it was seamless to adopt and easy to progressively set up as a team. We quickly found that having a very simple and friendly tool to share and access information was invaluable. So, we started to use Slite for the CS team at first, before spreading the tool to the rest of the team.


How does your team use Slite?


We use Slite for different departments. In addition to our CS channel, the following channels are openly accessible: Manager, Product, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Tech and Competition,


In our Customer Success Channel, we divide topics by collections. This is how we do it:

- CR meeting
- Churn (process, script, explanatory)
- Upsell
- How to use CS tools, Zendesk, Salesmachines
- Onboarding
- Social Network
- Tech Support

Each department has their own channel monitored by their manager. Each user is a "Writer" in his/her team channel and a "Reader" in other team channels.


How is Slite helping your team?


Slite has made it easier to get my team to work together. Managers don't own all their team's knowledge and there's rarely an easy way for them to get their team members to share what they know. With Slite, the entire team naturally gets more involved in the value creation and has more ownership over it.


I've noticed my team is keener to share their best practice so much that I am also a contributor instead of the sole creator. This also means it makes all the information much more relevant to everyone. 


We're saving loads of time as a team: no more looking for information and struggling with access issues. Our team's information is more transparent than ever before and as Manager I have a much clearer visibility on my team's work.



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Valentin Lejot, Head of Customer Success at Zenchef


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