How Pumpkin makes the most out of Slite

January 3, 2018

Pumpkin is a mobile app which lets friends easily pay each other back. They use Slite as one place to build and share best practices, weekly meetings and processes. 


We talked with the app's co-founder, Hugo, to further understand how Slite has benefited his team's workflow and encouraged better knowledge management at Pumpkin.

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Why Zenchef's Customer Success team switched to Slite

December 11, 2017

Zenchef is a reservation system and an all-in-one marketing platform for restaurants. We had a quick chat with Valentin, Head of Customer Success, to understand how their team uses Slite.

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Do your employees a favor: rock their onboarding

December 5, 2017

Google "employee onboarding best practices" or "employee onboarding checklist" and you'll find a bunch of listicles detailing the importance of onboarding new employees for the company's sake. If you fail, the company risks high turnovers and inefficiency. Even worst: it'll lose precious time & money. Bottom line: failing at onboarding new employees has a huge impact on your company's results and reputation.

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How Ship by Product Hunt can help you reach 1000+ upvotes

November 27, 2017
If you haven't heard about yet, Product Hunt has been expanding it's portfolio of products and recently launched Upcoming Pages, which is part of Ship.
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Why not(e)?

November 27, 2017

Whether it’s on paper, mobile or desktop, chances are you use notes every day to jot down anything: from your most mundane shopping list to your craziest thoughts. That’s the beauty with notes: they let you gather all types of content quickly and clearly.

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Slite is the first note app for teams to create and share all their knowledge.
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