How Slite helps Mention's Sales team up their game

January 11, 2018

Mention is a social media and web listening tool for users to monitor their online presence. We talked with their Account Executive, Alexandre Gosset about how Slite benefits the sales team at Mention.

The sales team is in contact with customers from all around the world and needs to keep collaboration easy and flexible. 


What problem brought you to Slite?


I tested Slite for my personal use and quickly understood that it could help us to easily centralize Sales content and knowledge.


Our problem was that information was spread across different tools, more or less collaborative: Google Drive, Evernote, notebooks. Most of this information was not shared and unknown to the rest of the team. Every team member was building their own sales resources containing valuable information.


How does your team use Slite?


We're using Slite to build our sales playbook and centralize information such as sales pitches, discovery calls, competitive battle-cards, processes stage by stage, useful links and awesome templates. We've have also created a channel to explain how we're using Slite as a team to ensure it stays clean.


How is Slite helping your team?


Slite gives each team member the chance to share their resources and has helped us build a collaborative hub of best practices.


At Mention, we're a self-driven team so Slite was not a top-down decision. I shared it with the rest of the team and thanks to an easy UX adoption, it has been seamless. 


Slite is changing our day to day work. All the useful information we need to access quickly is in one place. Slite has improved the way we deal with content and knowledge by making our sales playbook more collaborative. There's value and relevance in every note we create and Slite is at the heart of our sales processes (for example for lead qualification).


Another benefit Slite brought to my team has been our use of Slack. We have noticed less interruptions in Slack, especially when it comes to questions, because everyone knows most answers are in Slite.


As we build our sales playbook in Slite, we centralize more and more information and it's becoming essential to onboard new employees. Giving them an easy way to integrate themselves in our environment and to become independent faster. 

Slite has made our team more autonomous and geared up with higher quality content that is the "fruit" of team collaboration.


We hope this short description can help any sales team to find their way through Slite.



Alexandre Gosset, Account Executive @Mention


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