Launched in 2010, Zenchef is a reservation system and an all-in-one marketing platform for restaurants. They've convinced over 3000+ restaurants to use their solution and have grown to a team of 60 based in Paris. Valentin is part of this fast-growing environment, heading a crucial component for the success of Zenchef: the Customer Success team. 

He sat down with us to tell us about why he chose Slite to document processes and how he successfully onboarded his team on the product (so much that the rest of Zenchef followed suit!).

Over the years, his team has amassed lots of best practices and processes to ensure client happiness and retention. The Customer Success team is also at the cross-section of the Sales, Product and Tech teams: they need quick access to a lot of information to act in the most efficient way. 

When Valentin, Head of Customer Success, started to scale his team, he needed to find a place to make both best practices and other team's information accessible.

On a quest to fix knowledge sharing

When Valentin started looking for a documentation solution for his team, he was dissatisfied with their current system in place to share information. "We were using Google Docs but it made information sharing complicated. Most of the time, documents weren't up to date because of how unaccessible they were. This just made the information less useful for the entire team," Valentin told us. 




They tested other tools such as Google Site, but these required someone full-time in charge of updating the documents and ensuring it stayed useful for everyone, manpower they simply don't have. As Valentin put it, "We know knowledge sharing is primordial but the truth is that it takes time to set up and, at the end of the day, you never do it."

Finding the right tool

When they went searching for the right tool, they stumbled upon Slite. A few things stood out that made them eager to test it. "It was seamless to adopt and easy to progressively set up as a team." describes Valentin. Soon they realized the importance and benefits of having a simple and friendly to share and access information.

Spreading Slite across teams 

At first, Slite was meant to be used for just the Customer Success team at Zenchef. Soon though, the tool was adopted so positively that it spread to the rest of the team at Zenchef. Today all departments and all 60 team members at Zenchef use Slite to share and write their knowldege.

Focus on Customer Success: how they use Slite

They organize channels by departments: Customer Success, Management, Product, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Tech and Competition. Each of these channels is managed by their respective managers. All users are writers in their own teams and readers in other team channels: this way knowledge access and contribution is always possible.

Specifically in Customer Success they divide their channel in collections:


Each department has their own channel monitored by their manager. Each user is a "Writer" in his/her team channel and a "Reader" in other team channels.

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More teamwork, more efficiency

Overall, the collaborative features and access to information has made the entire Zenchef team more autonomous and keen to share best pratices. One of the biggest changes from their previous knowledge sharing system is that Valentin is no longer the sole creator but a contributor, just like all his team members.


 "We're saving loads of time as a team: no more looking for information and struggling with access issues. Our team's information is more transparent than ever before and as Manager I have a much clearer visibility on my team's work."

 Zenchef facts

  • Number of employees: 60
  • Based in: Paris
  • Sector: restaurant productivity softwares

Special thanks to Valentin for his time! This story is part of our user success stories series, read more here.